Frequently Asked Questions2023-05-09T12:41:26-04:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a bakery storefront? Where can I find your baked goods?2023-05-05T13:11:08-04:00

No, we currently rent hours in a shared commercial kitchen, which is the most affordable option for us but doesn’t have a storefront. All of our baked goods are made for markets and events, plus wholesale and special orders. You can find all of our locations on our LOCATIONS page.

Can I make special orders for baked goods?2023-05-05T13:10:08-04:00

Visit our PRODUCTS page to view our available products for special orders. Please note that we do not make wedding cakes or highly customized cakes or cookies. To inquire about a special order, please fill out the form on the PRODUCTS page. Please note that submission of this form is a request only. We will respond via email to let you know if we can fulfill your special request.We need at least 3 weeks notice as our capacity to accept special orders fills up very quickly!

Where will the Cakeable Cafe be located?2023-05-05T13:07:49-04:00

We will be located in a 1,200 square foot space at 401 North Tryon Street in the heart of Uptown Charlotte.  Renovations are expected to be complete sometime in the late summer or fall of 2023.

When will the Cakeable Cafe open?2023-05-05T13:07:33-04:00

With renovations underway, we hope to open in late summer or early fall, 2023. Training programs will start in June or July 2023.

Will the bakery program move to the Cakeable Cafe location?2023-05-05T13:06:57-04:00

No, the Café will not have a baking kitchen; therefore our bakery program will continue to be housed at the Sweet Spot Studio, 4412 Monroe Road

Why are you a nonprofit?2023-05-05T13:06:34-04:00

We are a nonprofit because our mission, which is focused on workforce development with individuals who have intellectual and developmental disabilities, requires more resources, such as instructors and support staff.

Our desire is to empower people, businesses, and communities to achieve their fullest potential through inclusive work environments. Our workforce development program relies on donations as well as revenue. This means while we need money to operate and produce goods – all of our profits, as well as donations – are dedicated to a workforce development program for the people we serve.

How many employees do you expect to hire in the Café?2023-05-05T13:06:11-04:00

Our current plan is to hire a General Manager, a Program Manager, and shift managers who are not special needs adults. Our goal is to hire at least 30 individuals who live with intellectual and developmental disabilities who will work between 6 – 24 hours per week.

How can I donate?2023-05-05T13:05:53-04:00

It’s easy! Click on the SUPPORT page in our menu and follow the directions for online donations.

How can I get involved?2023-05-05T13:05:23-04:00

Click on the CONTACT page in our menu. There you can share your area of expertise or tell us how you would like to help us fulfill our mission.

“I have been learning new skills, enjoying baking and cooking with friends, and making connections. I am encouraged by becoming proud of myself and improving every time at my accomplishments.”

Hillary, Cakeable team member

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